[lug] poor man's surveillance using Linux and cheapo consumergrade cams?

siegfried siegfried at heintze.com
Tue Jul 7 22:33:12 MDT 2009

>> I want to plug multiple USB web cams into a single PC and transmit the
>> multiple audio/video streams to a public web server where a user can view
>> multiple cams on a single web page.
>... this one would be impossible, because of current (poor) hw
>support. Are you open to use multiple PCs?

I was very skeptical too especially since I notice that skype uses 80% of my
CPU for a two way video conversation and then when you add a third to the
conversation the video disappears. I figured it was just two computationally
intensive for video for more than two. But then we looked at the CPU monitor
for Yahoo IM and it was much less demanding -- only 30% for a two way video

So my entrepreneur friend and I tested this by finding 3 live web cams and
displaying them simultaneously on the same monitor (same PC of course) and
it worked nicely. 

We were also able to plug two USB cams into one PC and view them both.


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