[lug] poor man's surveillance using Linux and cheapo consumer grade cams?

siegfried siegfried at heintze.com
Tue Jul 7 23:46:22 MDT 2009

>> Where can I find some software to display multiple consumer grade web
>> on a web page without polling?
>I've had good luck with ZoneMinder http://www.zoneminder.com but I'm 
>using IP cameras rather than USB.  I've also used ZoneMinder with 
>multiple capture cards with decent results.  The software has a 
>"montage" feature to show multiple cameras on the same page.

What is the cable length limitation for USB cams? Is this the incentive to
pay more for IP cameras?  How long can the cord be for IP cameras?

What do you mean by same page? Same web page? Does it use flash?


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