[lug] JOB: Scalability Test Automation job at Coverity

Michael Hirsch mdhirsch at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 14:56:36 MDT 2009

I mentioned these jobs last night at the meeting, but not everyone was
there, so I thought I'd best repeat the offer.

We have a couple of job openings at Coverity
http://coverity.com/html/jobs.html .  The one that I think is the most
likely for someone on this list is the Senior Engineer, Scalability
Test Automation.  We also have a Senior Engineer, Java Static Analysis
and another Senior Engineer in Test.  You can find all these at the
above URL.  Some of them say SF only, but they can be filled in
Boulder as well.

If you'd like to apply for these jobs, you can aply online, or send me
your application at mailto:mhirsch at coverity.com.  If you do apply
online, please put in my name as the referrer in your cover letter.

You can read all three jobs on our website, but I suspect that the
Scalability Test Automation job is going to be particularly hard to
fill and may be particularly attractive for members of this list.
That job is needs someone with Development skills who can think like a
tester, and also has some Admin skils.

To quote from the job listing:

 Specifically, we are looking for a highly motivated, self-directed,
and experienced engineer to 1) develop Coverity’s scalability test
infrastructure, and 2) ensure that this infrastructure runs
efficiently and continuously. Main responsibilities include:

Infrastructure development. “Build the crank.” Gather requirements
from the development teams. Leveraging a central compute farm, develop
the test automation scripts and develop or acquire the tool
infrastructure needed to support the development test needs for all of
Coverity’s engineering product development. Success measured by how
easy it is to integrate new product teams, add test suites, etc. into
this infrastructure.

Operations. “Turn the crank.” Use the infrastructure to execute on
producing all the continuous test runs, results,etc. needed to support
development. Success measured by just how many tests are pushed
through the compute farm on a regular basis.

Training.  Champion within engineering your test automation scripts
and infrastructure. Train new engineers etc.

There are some unique characteristics of this opportunity at Coverity
that are worth highlighting:
 o    Since Coverity is a software tools company, this role has the
interesting property of not just being responsible for building and
managing the development infrastructure needed by engineering, but
also for thinking of ways in which we can use these software tools, as
well as other 3rd party tools, to change the way that we develop
software at Coverity.
 o    The development infrastructure and this compute farm is a
critical foundation upon which all Coverity products are developed. As
such, there is a key focus on architecting, designing, then
implementing a robust solution. This is not just some scriptware –
this group should treat their offering as an internal product that may
form the basis of an external product offering in the future.
 o    This role places a heavy emphasis on finding a candidate that 1)
thinks like a software engineer, and 2) sees him(her)self as providing
a valuable service to the product development team within Coverity.
 o    Our products are supported on a variety of UNIX, Linux, Windows,
and MacOS platforms, but the main development and test environment
within Coverity is Linux. Second most common OS is Windows (Cygwin).

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