[lug] 25 July installfest.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sun Jul 12 13:09:55 MDT 2009

Two weeks!  I hear that the LFX respin of Ubuntu doesn't play so well
with Ubuntu upgrades so there's some work doing data recovery (or
perhaps just boot sector recovery).

So those of you who don't have installs to do, come on out anyway.  You
can help people who are doing installs, or work on whatever project you
have that needs a little more time or advice than you usually have to spend.

This will be at DeVry north, so we start at 8:30.  Officially they close
at 1:30 but it will depend on who's locking up whether we go to lunch
then or hang around.

It will be 4 months until we come back close to Boulder so try to make 
it if you can!

Look at the web site for all the details.


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