[lug] USB video capture.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Wed Jul 22 08:21:48 MDT 2009

Lori Reed wrote:
> David L. Anselmi wrote:
>> Anyone know offhand how to copy video from a camcorder (tape) to disk 
>> over USB?
> I suspect your best bet will be ffmpeg. It's the command line program 
> that seems to be used by most Linux gui video editors.

Thanks Lori and Mike.  I had a chance to google again and the term I 
used this time turned up dvgrab, which does the trick even over USB.  I 
only had to figure out that the camera shows up as /dev/video0 but even 
that was in the page I found:


I think the capture has to be in real time since the camera is reading 
off tape.  Maybe there's a way to speed it up, I'll have to look at the 

Thanks also for the offer to help in person.  Unfortunately I'm out of 
town and may soon be out of Internet access (wireless isn't always as 
ubiquitous as you'd like), hence my rush.


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