[lug] Hot update for FC10

Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
Tue Jul 28 17:06:56 MDT 2009

Gordon Golding wrote:
>   I have a bunch of FC10 machines to update to FC11.
> In the past, I've seen many reports of "glitches" using a hot kernel update.
> One I remember at one point was "uname -a"  still showed the old kernel 
> number.
> Anybody have any "previsos" about hot kernel update?

I've never done a "hot" update.  I didn't know Fedora did those.

What are you using for that? Is it that Ksplice
( http://lwn.net/Articles/340477/ ) thing?

Zan Lynx
zlynx at acm.org

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