[lug] upgrading sw raid 1 hard drives to larger size

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 11 19:37:43 MDT 2009

i've searched google and wasn't able to find any answers on the topic.  i'm sure my search terms aren't zoning in on what i want.

i've currently got centos 5 raid 1 system with small drives.  i'd like to upgrade both drives to larger capacities.  i only have two drive slots in my rack system.  so i have to replace the drives that are currently in the system.

is there any way to take the system off line and then upgrade the slave to a larger drive followed by a copy of the smaller master drive system to it.  then rebooting to make the new larger slave master, swapping out the old master (which is now the slave) with a larger drive and then resynching the new larger master to it?

if so, could someone offer up some guidelines / steps to how to do this?  i installed it with LVM which might complicate the matter.

basically i'm trying to avoid doing a fresh install on the brand new disks which implies a backup and restore of my old configuration in the smaller setup to the new.  but the more i think about it, the reinstall method might just be easier.

if i have to backup and restore my config, gotchas or pointers welcome.



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