[lug] motherboard advice

Steve A Hart Shart at colorado.edu
Fri Aug 14 21:57:17 MDT 2009

I'm looking for an accurate, updated hardware compatibility list for 
RedHat Enterprise 5.  Specifically, I'm looking for fully supported 
motherboards for a desktop (non-server) system running an Intel core 2 
duo or core 2 quad.  I've always gone with Asus or Gigabyte because 
compatibility with RHEL 5 was best.  I've got to build 3 identical 
systems and I'm tired of having to fiddle with network and sound modules 
every time I boot into a new kernel.  I've got to go with RHEL 5 so 
finding a motherboard that just works is my goal.

Any ideas on compatibility lists or MB suggestions would be appreciated.



Steve Hart
Systems Administrator
Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research
University of Colorado Boulder
shart at colorado.edu

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