[lug] OT: Colocation Providers

Lee Woodworth blug-mail at duboulder.com
Mon Aug 17 13:41:04 MDT 2009

George Sexton wrote:
> I'm looking for co-locations services for a single 1U server. I'd prefer
> something on the north side of Denver, or Boulder.
> Does anyone have a particular favorite? 
You didn't say what you are looking for:
    low cost for the space?
    monthly transfer
    connection speed
    security level

We have some free space in a rack at Earthnet in Boulder
    at least 2 'back bone' connections
    4mbit connection bandwidth available
    usual power backup & fire suppression
    facility access requires drivers license & sign in
    $2/GB for monthly transfer overages (is probably on the expensive side)

If you are interested in renting some space, post to the list and then I can
have Mark talk to you about specifics.

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