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I looked at Fortrust. They're actually selling shared cabinet space. 4U for
$199 per month. I was really impressed with their facility. I was going to
sign with them, but then I balked at the contract. They have a clause that
requires a rather large insurance policy, with an endorsement making them a
beneficiary, and along with that, you have to get the insurance provider to
provide some sort of legal waiver. It was just ridiculous to have that kind
of requirement for placing a 1U server.

I also pointed out an error in their contract to their benefit and they got
kind of argumentative and said I didn't understand it. I came away with the
feeling that they weren't taking me seriously. My wife was a little freaked
out by the location too. She pictures me going there at 1:00 AM on a Sunday
morning and wigs out. They have the nice big fortress like fence and gate in
the front, but the customers come in through the side by the rail-road

Between those things I decided not to go there.

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> On 08/17/2009 01:38 PM, Michael J. Hammel wrote:
> > Tummy.com runs my server.  They're based in Ft. Collins but I think
> the
> > data center is in Denver.  I think.
> Thanks, Michael.  However, I will note that we don't do co-location --
> only
> managed hosting and virtual hosting.  We don't allow third-party access
> to
> our site, which has its advantages and disadvantages.
> The advantages are that we provide the hardware, so you don't have to
> manage or keep spares, etc...  If it breaks at 3am on a Saturday
> morning,
> because we own the hardware we can go in and take care of it without
> bothering you.  But, if you really want to own the hardware, this is a
> disadvantage.  We also do monitoring of the system.
> To give you an idea, pricing is $150/month for a core 2 duo system with
> dual RAID-1 1TB drives and 2GB of RAM.  We also have virtual systems
> with
> 512MB RAM and 40GB disc for $25/month.
> The facility we're in doesn't do anything smaller than a whole cabinet,
> so it's probably not an option unless your budget is at least a grand
> a month.  It is indeed in Denver, near I-25 and I-70, and it's a great
> facility.  It's called Fortrust and if you're looking for a whole
> cabinet
> or more I'd highly recommend them.
> I'm not that familiar with area colo providers, because I'm just not in
> that market, but I've heard good things about Netrack in Boulder, and
> they'll do single systems.   I believe Data393 will also do smaller
> space
> allocations, but they're located in the DTC.
> Sean
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