[lug] OT: Colocation Providers

George Sexton georges at mhsoftware.com
Mon Aug 17 16:17:12 MDT 2009

I too like FRII. The bulk of my equipment is at their facility in Ft.
Collins. As you probably know, they had a 6 hour outage during a weekday two
weeks ago.


This outage showed me that I really need to have my web server at a
different facility than my main application service servers. This is so I
can have a status page, and also an Email server that's working if my main
co-location facility is down.


I know that it's their first outage in a LONG time, but I have 700 paying
customers on my servers so I need to be able to communicate in the event
their network is down.


Their pricing is pretty much on par with everywhere else that I've seen.
Cheaper than some of the real biggies, but not much cheaper.


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On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 12:32 PM, George Sexton <georges at mhsoftware.com>

I'm looking for co-locations services for a single 1U server. I'd prefer
something on the north side of Denver, or Boulder.

Does anyone have a particular favorite?


I have dealt with Front Range Internet (FRII.com) for many years and am very
happy with them.  I know they have a data center in Fort Collins but I think
they have one in Denver as well.  Their pricing takes a little getting used
to - but other than that - very professional and top notch company to work


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