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Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Mon Aug 17 17:51:58 MDT 2009

On the flip-side, I've been to a few telco Central Offices where the
razor-wire was there to keep the fine upstanding "Citizens" of the local
neighborhood out... and they were more than happy to have your car next
to the building rather than have to hose what was left of you off the
sidewalk out front every morning.

A particular CO in  Newark, NJ comes to mind.  Lovely neighborhood. 
Prime real-estate.  LOL!  Another CO in NJ had problems with basement
flooding... lovely place too.  Reminded me of mountain skies and
beautiful wildflower pastures!  

Trips away from Colorado always make me realize how good we have it
here!  (GRIN)

Sorry, got me thinking about block-house buildings and razor wire

Hey... It just dawned on me: My cubicle is smaller than the Federally
mandated space for inmates in prison, and the CO's and data centers are
built with similar security to SuperMax prisons!

What's not to love about our "high-tech" jobs?!  

:-) :-) :-) !!!!!

So far at least, they let us come and go at will... No wait... no they
don't!  And they have an on-call schedule too!  LOL!

Now, wait just a cotton pickin' minute here... hmmm... 

(Okay just a little levity for Monday afternoon!!!)

  Nate Duehr
  nate at natetech.com

On Mon, 17 Aug 2009 17:35 -0600, "Sean Reifschneider" <jafo at tummy.com>
> On 08/17/2009 03:35 PM, George Sexton wrote:
> > I looked at Fortrust. They're actually selling shared cabinet space. 4U for
> Ah, I didn't know they were doing that, good to know.
> We've always found them extremely easy to work with and have been very
> happy there, but we've been with them for 5 or more years and they've
> said
> we're one of their bigger single customers.
> > My wife was a little freaked
> > out by the location too. She pictures me going there at 1:00 AM on a Sunday
> I expect that they can't let your vehicle into the fortress-like fence
> out
> front because of security -- that would put it too close to in-use parts
> of
> the facility.  So they don't let customer vehicles in there, think
> car-bombing...  The other sides of the building have an interior
> air-space
> away from the concrete walls that form the data areas, so it's not as big
> a
> deal there.
> Data centers can get real particular about stuff like that.  It's always
> fun to try to figure out how to load and unload equipment from different
> facilities.  I remember this one in Chicago where it was a big deal to
> leave a car at the loading dock for the time it took to move the
> equipment
> from the dock to the interior door of the loading dock -- you just can't
> leave vehicles there.  But, I appreciate that.  Too much paranoia from
> working on carrier class facilities I guess.  :-)
> Anyway, I've been to Fortrust plenty of times in the middle of the night
> (it's my preferred time to go, because I'm a night-owl), and I've never
> been concerned about my safety.  You have a security guard watching you
> via
> camera, and watching the area anyway...
> Maybe I'm just too used to facilities being in weird, deserted places.
> Another facility in Chicago I was recently at was unattended (no security
> guard at night) and had me walking through some random alley in down-town
> Chicago.  Their front entrance was being re-painted that weekend...  I
> probably should have been more concerned than I was.  :-)
> Sean
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