[lug] Question on screen command

Landon Cox landon at 360vl.com
Fri Sep 25 11:04:09 MDT 2009

I have a quick question related to the LInux screen command.

When you turn on logging (either -L when launching screen) or Ctrl-A  
Ctrl-H once in a session, it will start writing a log file screenlog. 
0.  So far so good.

If I tail the screenlog.0 file, though, I can see that the screen data  
is only getting flushed to that file every so often - if continuous  
input to screen, maybe every 3-5 seconds I'll see a flush to screenlog. 

Do you know a way to coerce screen into flushing at the end of every  
line it receives, or optionally after ever character.  I realize it  
can slow things down to flush output that much, but speed is not an  
issue in this case...getting all the data is.

I saw no option on screen itself to force flushing behavior.

Is there some trick I can play with a line discipline or something  
like that at a system level to cause it to flush more frequently?


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