[lug] WAS, can't make this stuff up, folks... any OpenCL folks out there?

stimits at comcast.net stimits at comcast.net
Wed Oct 28 12:04:23 MDT 2009

tell "the customer", since he just wanted an image. My scripts worked 
ok. Until eventually I didn't get any plot at all when my "some" data 
reached 4GB (I was plotting on my 32bit laptop). To get the plots in 
time to the f*** customer, the less painful solution was to install an 
Ubuntu 64 bit on a spare desktop (with 1GB of physical RAM), enabling 
the largest available partition as swap (48GB) and let it chew for one 

A long time ago, I had suggested to a colleague that on some of our large data projects, it would be fascinating to offload some image processing functions to the GPU of what were then was a brand new high speed video card world. We were thinking about all kinds of things which were not practical due to software interface, such as geometric computations, security hash generation, and image manipulation. Well, there is now OpenCL: 

I have not yet touched OpenCL, but issues like the above plot taking so long, would make an interesting candidate (OpenCL is more or less a uniform interface to non-uniform hardware, especially video cards...much the way OpenGL graphics is a similar interface specialized in graphics). Has anyone here experimented with OpenCL on linux? 

Dan Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net 
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