[lug] Yum newer version packages on old CENTOS

Gordon Golding gordongoldin at aim.com
Wed Nov 4 13:36:43 MST 2009

 I'm working with a cluster machine.

The OEM uses an old CENTOS version to add their clusterware kernel upgrades to.

So when I use yum, it says the latest available is, for example:

gcc 3.3
php 4.3
java...  something old.

To protect their special kernel modules, I have to do this for yum.

When installing a package:

yum --exclude=hwdata*
--exclude=kernel* --disablerepo=cw* install packagename

I really want to use yum, rather than just have programmers randomly installing rpms in their home directories, or wherever.

Doesn't CentOS have the repos for yum for things like gcc 4, php 5, etc...

Shouldn't I be able to force an install of the newer CENTOS packages using yum?



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