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I'm sure it's the chassis intrusion detection switch.


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I took apart a large rack-mounted machine (to replace battery) and it didn't
boot when put back in.

I went back in and settled the 12x12 air cowl firmly and then it booted -
that is the only change of state I can think of - everything else seemed the
way it should be.

I was told that had nothing to do with it.

But, just as I was closing for the second time (after which it booted fine),
I noticed something interesting.  I wish I had investigated, but didn't have

There is a large plastic cover that directs cooling air across the CPU heat

There is a little lever about 4 inches long, shaped like a shepherd's crook
which makes contact with the cooling cowl.
The curve at the end of the lever is soft plastic coated, obviously designed
to rub against the cowl.
When the cowl is seated firmly, the lever seems to depress.

I was told both by the OEM and by the "24-hour hardware response guy" who
came later for a dead RAID controller, that there is no such thing as a
"lever which senses if the cooling cowl is in place".

But I did nothing besides settling the cooling cowl to change the behaviour
!!  Will not even POST - YIKE !! PANIC !!
Everything is normal...



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