[lug] unescaping url encoded document

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sun Nov 8 00:31:11 MST 2009

Kenneth D Weinert wrote:
> document.write(unescape('%3C%21%44%4F%43%54%59%50%45%20%48%54%4D%4C%20%50
> It displays fine, but I'm just curious what the submit button does and
> wondered if anyone had an easy shortcut to translate the URL Encoding
> into plain text outside of a browser.

Isn't unescape() the way you translate it?  Can you just change it to:

print(unescape('%3C%21%44%4F%43%54%59%50%45%20%48%54%4D%4C%20%50 ...

or whatever javascript uses to make stuff show on a page.


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