[lug] getting started in the IT industry, focus on FOSS

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Tue Dec 22 16:36:03 MST 2009

Are you looking to be a programmer, or a sysadmin/analyst?

>From the sysadmin viewpoint... nothing beats knowing how to shell
script.  Or as a friend jokes, "If you can't write it in a shell
script, it probably didn't need to be written."  ;-)

Perl is good for sysadmins too...

Best thing to do would be to look at job listings (however few
there may be "out there" these days) and look at what employers

Remember, there are jobs that are perennially in "need" that are
good stepping stones into any large company (if a large company
is where you want to work).  None of those jobs are particularly
"fun", but they put food on the table while you learn the
company, the politics, the other jobs people do, etc.

Nobody wants to be the guy who picks up the Trash, but you learn
a lot about the neighborhood and you get paid decently while
you're looking around... (GRIN)...

Sysadmins also have to have excellent customer service skills.
Developers (although I wish this weren't true, and wasn't a
stereotype)... not as much.  But it always helps if you can get
along with others and show a history of working toward a goal
with a team of people who don't always agree on how to "get
  Nate Duehr
  nate at natetech.com

On Tue, 22 Dec 2009 07:42 -0700, "Ash Mohatt"
<ash.mohatt at gmail.com> wrote:

  Hey all,
  I have my test lab up and running, Its still evolving, but I
  can wipe two machines to metal. So with all this technology at
  my disposal I am looking at everything to know:
  Security,backup,admin,programming,benchmarking...there is too
  much to learn. I find myself chasing butterflies, (A little of
  Python Practice, then a little bash scripting, practicing VIM
  If you could say 3 or 9 essential skillsets, what would you
  Are there good "entry certs" that are worth more then the
  paper they're printed on?
  Thanks, and Happy Holidays!!!
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