[lug] Gooble voice and wave invites

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 17:20:53 MST 2009

> I certainly don't see it replacing email like google would like though.

I do. I am often forwarded huge email conversations from large groups
I wasn't included in the first time. When all the quotes are included,
they are just painful to read. Sometimes, quotes are not fully
included, and I have to beg the right person to understand what's
going on.
With Wave, everything should be smoother.

Now, that said, I tried it and I think it's not ready to use. The most
serious issue is that it sometimes just "freezes" and never sync (so
you cannot close your browser otherwise you lose your edit - very Web
1.0-ish). I even tried to leave the browser open for the night, but it
didn't sync at all (and it was just a few lines of text, not a huge
multimedia thing). There are other minor problems too, so I'm not
using it anymore - switched to Google Docs when mail is really not


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