[lug] Inexpensive no-ring, voicemail only phone number?

Rob Nagler nagler at bivio.biz
Wed Dec 23 07:21:15 MST 2009

Nate Duehr writes:
> We use a 500 minute a month (cheapest they have) Vonage line for this. 

We do, too.  However, sometimes the "go to voicemail feature", doesn't
go.  I haven't had the time to track this down, but sometimes (let's
say 10 times a month), Vonage rings the phone, and the phone picks up
(it has a messaging sytem).  If you don't have a phone attached which
has a built-in messaging system, you might not know this is happening.

I have thought about unplugging the phone, but we use it for dialing
out occasionally.  And, that would be like sticking our corporate head
in the sand, since we would then have no idea if the calls were
ringing endlessly without Vonage forwarding to voicemail.

Just curious...


P.S. I'm sure this is Linux related, because the VOIP box is a Linksys
     router. ;-)

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