[lug] The new year.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sun Dec 27 18:49:29 MST 2009

Only two weeks until installfest--just about the time you're well into your back-to-work hangover 
(though technically it'll still be the Christmas season).  I guess I missed last weekend since I 
didn't send an update.  I wonder where it went?

I hope you all got nice things for Christmas that you'll bring and show off.  I guess I won't have 
anything (need to get a $100, low power computer for a imap/file server but no time yet).  But I'll 
bring the latest versions of the usual distros.  (I do have DVD blanks now so I can get the DVD 
ISOs.  Holler if you think you need CDs instead.)

Even if you didn't get stuck in the snow last week you know better than to be in the big blue room 
on the 9th so I'll see you at DeVry!  If you're coming from up north be careful.  If it's nice there 
may be speed traps.  If not, the drivers will be worse than the roads.


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