[lug] postfix localhost only

George Sexton georges at mhsoftware.com
Fri Jan 1 21:15:40 MST 2010

I would think you could just set 

inet_interfaces =

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> i searched the net hi and low.  not finding what i want.
> i want to configure a postfix on a server to receive and deliver local
> mail only from and to virtual accounts on the same box.  i don't want
> it to relay mail destined for any domain outside the box.  and i don't
> want it to accept incoming mail on any external interface or domain
> outside the box.
> i found out how to do the virtual accounts online.  i can't find
> anything that directly addresses what i want to do.  i've found recipes
> for a bunch of more complex scenarios.  based upon that research, it
> looks like there are about 3-5 config lines that are probably required
> to do this but i'm not sure i'm getting it right.
> my rationale for doing this is that if i connect squirrelmail to this
> postfix configuration, i can allow a close knit group of friends to
> send private mail back and forth to eachother.  since the server
> interfaces aren't opened up to send or receive mail, i don't have to
> worry about spam and a bunch of related extra stuff.  sure it's limited
> in functionality, but it fits the bill for what i want to do.
> the general theory is that mail never leaves the server.  although this
> isn't perfectly true, if squirrelmail is config'd for ssl, it will be
> encrypted which satisfies the portion of the mail that travels over the
> net.  otherwise, all mail communication lives on that single server.
> thanks
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