[lug] Commuting by bike with a laptop

Brennen Bearnes bbearnes at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 16:27:48 MST 2010

I've been stuffing my work laptop inside a Novara (which I think is an
REI store brand these days) pannier. It definitely fits better there,
and my panniers are reasonably close to waterproof, but the hardware
has really started to flake out, and I can't help thinking that it's
probably related to all the vibration and rattling around I've been
subjecting it to.  Might want to keep in mind that anything mounted
directly on the bike frame or a rack is going to be less cushioned
than it would be on your body.

I've generally found that backpacks are a more comfortable fit for
something as bulky/heavy as a laptop or books, though I otherwise
prefer a messenger bag. 'course, this might really depend on your
laptop. Mine is on the ginormous end of the scale.

-- Brennen

On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 4:17 PM, Davide Del Vento
<davide.del.vento at gmail.com> wrote:

> Technically, it's not waterproof, but when was the last time it rained
> in Boulder? And the snow it's pretty dry. Anyway, it's has a
> waterproof cover (which I never used). The only concern was for the
> magnetic latch, that might wipe out credit cards or other magnetic
> encoded stuff. I just used care to not swipe my wallet close to it.

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