[lug] Commuting by bike with a laptop

Matthew Beldyk matt at beldyk.org
Mon Jan 11 22:13:02 MST 2010

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On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 9:34 PM, Rob Nagler <nagler at bivio.biz> wrote:
>> I figured there were quite a number of bike commuters, but I'm
>>  surprised at the number.  Are you all doing winter bike to work day
>>  next week?
> I was planning on riding all next week.  I didn't know there was a special
> day for it.
Last year it was rather warm and I was in short sleeves for it, but
there was free breakfast which was nice.

>> Do you carry the laptop in the messenger bag or the panniers?
> Panniers unless it's a quick jaunt.  I hate having things on my back.
> I do have one of these:
> http://www.chromebagsstore.com/bags/messenger-bags/metropolis-buckle-bag---large.html?c=146
> I used to use it to deliver Freiker prizes, and for carrying big stuff that
> wouldn't fit in my panniers.
>>  been that long) when I dozed off en-route to the office (at my old
>>  place, my first two miles were all downhill).
> You fell asleep on a bike?

Dozed for a few seconds at about 6:30 AM, went way to fast into a
corner, locked up my brakes, and hit the pavement.

>>  with my light and such).  What sort of battery life do you get on that
>>  light?
> When it is subzero, the battery thinks it's only half-charged even on a
> full-charge.  I ran it down, and it went to red within 2.5 hours last week.
> I haven't had it that long, but it stayed green for 40 minutes when riding
> in Dec.
> Rob
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