[lug] Commuting by bike with a laptop

Ben Burdette bburdette at comcast.net
Tue Jan 12 10:59:30 MST 2010

karl horlen wrote:
> some good info being shared here.
> all i can say is i never quite understood the messenger bag thing.  i've never found one that actually fit or felt comfortable, especially when you start putting more stuff in it.  the other problem with 95% of them is that they don't actually seal at the lid.  there are always gaps.  how do you keep your gear from the elements?  
> i don't know why people buy these things.  i thing they were designed for *messengers* that needed to get in and out of their bags quickly.  my only guess is that non messengers thought they looked cool and bought them without ever really using one.  i wonder how many messenger bags are collecting dust.  they're not cheap.
> does anybody actually use one of these for a laptop?  backpacks just seem a better option all the way around.
> new question regarding seats for telecommuters.
> anybody recommend a good cushy male seat to protect the family jewels? 
> i'm tired of my stock manly man narrow bike seat that's hard as cement.  i'm thinking that thing is going to make me impotent.  i'm not an engineer but the wider cushy seats on lady bikes just seem like a better alternative.  is that even worse for the family jewels?  i sit in a wide chair at work.

The problem with squishy seats is that they conform to your butt, and 
that cuts off circulation.  With the harder seats you sit on your 
sitbones alone, allowing circulation to continue more or less normally.  
To some extent I think it comes down to ride duration - squishy seats 
are probably better for a short ride, but if you're putting in big miles 
they will be dispensers of misery.  It can be tough to find a seat that 
works for you, but nowadays there are many more that work well. I like 
the specialized seats.  At the specialized dealers they have an 
'assometer' that can measure what width of saddle you ought to have.  
Too narrow and you are not sitting on your sitbones anymore, a 
suboptimal situation.

Gotta agree on the messenger bags - it seems like the main reason to 
have a messenger bag is to have fast access to the bag contents, without 
having to remove the bag from your shoulder.  This makes sense for a 
bike messenger, where they want to get to their destination, deliver the 
goods, and exit in minimum time.  My use pattern is to pack up my stuff, 
head to the cafe, and camp out for hours.  Removing the bag on arrival 
is all part of the plan, so a backpack makes sense to me. 

Ben B.

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