[lug] Commuting by bike with a laptop

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 12 11:07:46 MST 2010

> The problem with squishy seats is that they conform to your
> butt, and 
> that cuts off circulation.  With the harder seats you
> sit on your 
> sitbones alone, allowing circulation to continue more or
> less normally.  
> To some extent I think it comes down to ride duration -
> squishy seats 
> are probably better for a short ride, but if you're putting
> in big miles 
> they will be dispensers of misery.  It can be tough to
> find a seat that 
> works for you, but nowadays there are many more that work
> well. I like 
> the specialized seats.  At the specialized dealers
> they have an 
> 'assometer' that can measure what width of saddle you ought
> to have.  
> Too narrow and you are not sitting on your sitbones
> anymore, a 
> suboptimal situation.

something about going to the bike shop and putting my ass up to an assometer just doesn't "sit" right ;).  i feel more sorry for the assometrist though that has to do the measuring :)

it sounds like it might be a very useful tool though.  

thanks for the seat width / sit bone explanation.  it makes sense and probably explains why my seat hurts. it's too narrow.  maybe too long too.

> Gotta agree on the messenger bags - it seems like the main
> reason to 
> have a messenger bag is to have fast access to the bag
> contents, without 
> having to remove the bag from your shoulder. 



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