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On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 9:58 AM, karl horlen <horlenkarl at yahoo.com> wrote:

> new question regarding seats for telecommuters.
> anybody recommend a good cushy male seat to protect the family jewels?
> i'm tired of my stock manly man narrow bike seat that's hard as cement.
>  i'm thinking that thing is going to make me impotent.  i'm not an engineer
> but the wider cushy seats on lady bikes just seem like a better alternative.
>  is that even worse for the family jewels?  i sit in a wide chair at work.
There have been studies that go either way.  Some that show the old style
seats are harmful and others that show the new style are just as harmful.
I've been riding for 20 years and I find your riding position and the fit of
the bike have a more direct impact on the pain in that area.  On my racing
bike I have a very stiff very narrow saddle.  On top of that I have a very
low forward position.  This can get a little painful after a few hours in
the saddle if I do not stand up from time to time.  On my commuting bike I
have a much more upright riding position but still have a stiff narrow
saddle.  I can stay comfortable in the saddle for longer on this bike.

Find a saddle that fits you well and get your bike fit by a shop.  They can
help keep your comfort level up when you spend more time on the bike and
help prevent stress injuries to your knees.



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