[lug] Commuting by bike with a laptop

Rob Nagler nagler at bivio.biz
Wed Jan 13 18:13:16 MST 2010

Pretty fascinating stuff.

Davide, the first time my went to the hospital for our first born, we
went by tram.  We ended up having to go back home, and when we went
back it was by taxi. :)  I have been to Italy many times, and while it
is interesting, I wouldn't want to live there.  Although I am always
amazed when people are riding on their bikes smoking a cigarette while
talking on their mobiles and holding an umbrella -- no helmets of

Karl, my emoticon meant that I wouldn't sue RTD.  You are right that
not enough people take responsibility for their actions.  I think
that's what I'm saying in general.  I'm also not trying to be a
fanatic.  I drive my car more than I'd like, but I don't sweat it.
It's something I have to just do.  At the same time, I think it is
important to take a moment and use your frontal lobe before getting in
the car.  That's taking responsibility for your actions, too.

Zan, I don't think armored vehicles actually make you safer.  My
oldest has had two classmates die in his short life.  In one case, the
girl was asleep in the back of the Suburban (or other large SUV) and
dad fell asleep (I think) and they were ejected from the vehicle when
the car rolled.  There's this idea that armored vehicles protect you.
The problem is that it's the deceleration that kills you, not
necessarily impacts to the vehicle.  When I was 16 I drove my little
Toyota Carina into a big truck.  The car was totaled, but I walked
away.  I was wearing my seatbelt.  There were no airbags.  The windows
shattered all over the place and I was quite bloody.

Nate, thanks for the compliment. :)


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