[lug] Aggregating Local Blogs

Paul Hummer paul at eventuallyanyway.com
Sun Feb 14 10:00:39 MST 2010

Hi BLUGgers!

  I've been talking with the folks at the NCLUG about creating some sort of
"Planet" blog aggregation site for the NCLUG.  However, the BLUG and the NCLUG
interact together a lot, and so I wonder if the BLUG might also be interested
in a joint aggregate with the NCLUG.

  The reason I'd like to do this is because there are a lot of members who
don't regularly go to the meetings or to the corresponding Hacking Societies,
and we're interested in what they're up to as well.

  The planet would aggregate tech related posts.  In some cases, that means one
might need to narrow the aggregated feed to a specific tag.  I'm happy to help
out with this.

  If you'd like your blog aggregated, please send me a direct mail (not to the
list, so it's not quite so noisy) with your feed url.

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