[lug] Does this sound reasonable?

Kenneth D. Weinert kenw at quarter-flash.com
Mon Mar 22 08:22:58 MDT 2010

I've a quick project - trying to duplicate an old system.

It's an rs6000 running AIX 4.3.3. We have the hardware, but there's some 
old software (Universe database) that's being a bit more problematic.

My thought is this:

1) duplicate the filesystem layout from the old system onto the new system
2) create a tar file for each filesystem.
3) boot up a Linux PPC live cd, apply the tar files to the proper file 
4) reboot

The question is this: will a modern Linux PPC live CD run on an RS6000 
(233Mhz, 1G memory)?

If so, does anyone have a recommendation for a Linux PPC live CD 
distribution? I don't know much about stuff on the PPC side of Linux.

Thanks for any info, hints, thoughts, or pointers.


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