[lug] CentOS 5.4 NFS Install Problems

Maxwell Spangler maxlists at maxwellspangler.com
Mon Mar 29 00:47:09 MDT 2010

I'm trying to do an install of CentOS 5.4 booting off a local media and
then attempting to use an nfs directory to source the installation
files.  I can't seem to make it work with CentOS politely telling me it
can't mount the specified directory.

Of course, there could be lots of things going wrong here and I've
jumped through a variety of hoops to resolve them such as temporarily
disabling SELinux, Firewall, etc.

I suspect it may just come down to CentOS 5.4 not wanting to see nfs
exports of a more recent Fedora 12 system.

I've got more than two systems in the said environment, mounting nfs
back and forth and it seems only my initial boot up of CentOS can't see
the files I am offering.

Anyone have suggestions?

Maxwell Spangler
        Linux, Unix and Database Administration
        Currently: Boulder, Colorado

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