[lug] Structuring Mercurial projects (kinda off topic)

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Tue Mar 30 09:47:27 MDT 2010

On Tue, 2010-03-30 at 09:35 -0600, Jeffrey Haemer wrote:

> Before I offer irrelevant opinions, I'll ask for one clarification: a
> quick google shows Mercurial as having branches.  Am I mislead by what
> I see, or are you talking about something else?  No point in my trying
> to answer the wrong question.

I'm likely mistaken in my understanding of Mercurial.  I've not used it
that long.  It may be I misunderstand the terminology as it applies to
actual use (assuming a CVS translation-filter as I learn it).

> I know I branch and merge in git at the drop of a hat -- much more
> than in SVN or CVS -- and I have the impression that's universal
> practice.

I branch in CVS all the time.  I was just under the impression that a
CVS branch was not the same concept as a Mercurial branch.  Perhaps they

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