[lug] CentOS 5.4 NFS Install Problems

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Tue Mar 30 23:07:59 MDT 2010

Maxwell Spangler wrote:
> This leads me to believe that CentOS 5.4 doesn't like Fedora 12 NFS
> servers, but someone's stated this should work.
> I'd still like to know whether the CentOS 5.4 install is trying to do
> nfs3 vs nfs4 as there are definitely significant differences between the
> two..

So Kevin suggested how to get more info from the client.  David suggested how to get more info from 
the server.  You can certainly use wireshark if you need info those aren't providing.

But I'm guessing that for a network install you have to get the path close enough that it recognizes 
what's there as a repository.  Are you sure you have that?  Again, the server log or wireshark 
should make that clear.

You can also try making the files available by HTTP or FTP.

I ran into a similar issue a long time ago where HTTP was broken so I used NFS instead (which was by 
far the more unusual approach for me).  Oh look, I documented it:


Their answer isn't very satisfying although I expect it's solved now.  "Regular HTTP"?  Isn't that 
what I was doing?  I had spent a long time researching the right way to share packages over the network.


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