[lug] Two open recs at Aztek

Ian Cahoon icahoon at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 17:24:50 MDT 2010

Hi Jeffery,

I am interested in talking to you about this position. I currently work at
Cisco Systems here in Boulder. It's by the Boulder Airport and very close to
your location. I have attached a copy of my resume in text format.

Please give me a call if you would like to talk further. My cell number if
(720) 289-0904.


On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 12:05 PM, Jeffrey Haemer <jeffrey.haemer at gmail.com>wrote:

> We want to hire two, senior people, full-time: a software developer and a
> product-support person.  Call or drop me a note if you're interested.
> I don't have an official job description yet -- the openings are fresh --
> but here's a sketch:
> The developer must know C++ well and be comfy in a Linux development
> environment.  Java, embedded systems, and telephony would all be plusses.
> The support slot is more complicated, so the requirements are harder to pin
> down.  This is a technical position -- honest -- but it requires good
> human-interface skills, too.  You have to give good phone, understand the
> products, configure software, install equipment, figure out how to solve
> customers' problems, ....
> Aztek makes telephony equipment: embedded boxes for which we create both
> the software and hardware.  Our customers are telcos, not individual
> subscribers.  Right now, we have three or four products, depending on how
> you count.
> We're in Boulder, we have about 40 employees, and we've been in business,
> as either Aztek Engineering or Aztek Networks, for over 25 years.    In last
> year's "Best Companies to Work for in Colorado," we were #12 in the "small
> business" category.  The monthly Boulder Linux Users Group meetings are held
> in our conference room.
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Ian Cahoon
937 Sandstone Way, Superior, CO 80027
(303) 554-4350 (home), (720) 289-0904 (mobile)
icahoon at gmail.com

	Design Patterns
Languages - Expert Experience
	GNU Make
Languages - Limited Experience
	H.323, H.225, H.245
Operating Systems
	Mac OS X
	Win 32
	Sun OS
	Lynx OS (RTOS)
	BS in Computer Science from University of Colorado, Denver (5/97)

Cisco Systems, Inc
November 2000 - Present
Positions Held
Platform Architect, Team Lead, Senior Software Engineer

Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Linux Platform	2003-Present
Served as an architect for the team, specializing in install issues. Have 
participated in the full life cycle of four major releases and 18 total
releases of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). 

Highlights include...

Lead member of the team for developing the platform for the Cisco Intercompany
Media Engine (http://tinyurl.com/ylck5a2). Worked with marketing and
engineering to create engineering requirements for the product. Wrote and
reviewed feature functional and design specifications. Also participated
in implementing the platform changes for the product.

Member of the architecture team for the Cisco Unified Communications
Manager Business Edition (see http://cisco.com/go/cmbe). Co-led a multi-site,
multi-business unit architecture team. Worked with marketing and engineering
to create engineering requirements for release. Wrote and reviewed feature
functional and design specifications. 

Built RedHat Enterprise Linux based distribution as a voice platform for Cisco
voice technology products. This platform is now used by 15 products within the
voice technology group. Consulted on the design of entire platform and served
as a mentor to team members less experienced with Linux.

Created and maintained many tools for the team including the lab kickstart 
infrastructure, a tool used by development and test for the global
CUCM CallManager. 

SIP Proxy Server	2001-2003
The Cisco SIP Proxy Server is a SIP based call-control software package that
runs on RedHat Linux. I was a development engineer responsible for three
functional areas of the product.

I wrote and maintained the original installation code for the product. 

I took on the responsibility for maintaining and improving the registration
and routing databases. These were in-house database implementations based on
the ACE Name_Server implementation. Was initially responsible for implementing
performance improvements to the database. Also responsible for replacing the
implementation with a Tamest database engine.

I was also responsible for prototyping the integration of the proxy's
registration engine with Cisco Routing H.225 Gatekeepers.

VOCAL	Vovida Open Communications Application Library		2000-2001
While working for Cisco on VOCAL, I had the opportunity to work with Cisco
Legal to open source the code. This included gathering and reviewing all
relevant open source licenses for third party code.

I was also responsible for maintaining the SIP to H.323 Call Signaling Gateway
and for maintaining many of VOCAL's common infrastructure libraries.

Vovida Networks
April - November 2000 
Position Held
Senior Software Engineer

SIP to H.323 Signaling Gateway
Led the team responsible for implementing the SIP to H.323 signaling gateway.
Individually responsible for the common infrastructure code, such as
networking, threading and message passing. Also responsible for the H.225 /
RAS functionality. Using Open H.323 and Vovida's SIP stack we were able to
deliver a working system in less than six months.

Lucent Technologies
July 1996 - April 2000
Positions Held
Member of Technical Staff, Junior Member of Technical Staff

Projects include:
		Service provider voice messaging system. 
		Enhanced the e-mail sub-system.
		Service provider VoIP / H.323 software platform. 
		Responsible for ASN.1 sub-system.
		Enterprise VoIP / H.323 conferencing system. 
		Responsible for the H.323 protocol stack.	

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