[lug] July: 4th and a score.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Mon Jun 21 20:17:00 MDT 2010

0830-1600 24 JULY 10 -- installfest -- 1870 West 122 Avenue Westminster, CO 80112

I've managed to get the next installfest scheduled and approved, so here's an early announcement.

A couple of people have mentioned problems to me that don't seem tractable over email.  Usually I 
say, "oh, shoot--it's too bad you didn't come to installfest last weekend."

So if I've said that to you, or if you've asked for help and didn't understand the answers (or they 
didn't seem to work), or if you have a problem that you can't describe well enough to ask for help, 

Put the date on your calendar and plan to be there.  It will likely be 'sclusively hot and sweaty in 
the big blue room, or worse, splashing and crashing.  Those who don't care about such things will 
come by bike and tell us their tales of traffic avoidance, gear packing, and two wheeled stowage. 
But come they will despite the need to depart, however briefly, the Enlightened Enclave.

Until next time...

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