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Hope you won't blacklist me for too many emails, thought this
interesting too :-)

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Linux System Administration Handbook via LWN.net by jake on 7/12/10
One of the best references for Linux and UNIX system administrators
over the years has been the "Handbooks" (either Linux Administration
Handbook (LAH) or UNIX System Administration Handbook (USAH) at various
points). But the last edition was published in 2000 (as USAH), and
included information on then-current Red Hat Linux 6.2 and FreeBSD 3.4.
A new, updated version, UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook,
Fourth Edition (ULSAH), is due out any day now, and the principal
authors, Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Trent R. Hein, and Ben Whaley,
agreed to answer some questions for LWN readers. Subscribers can click
below for their answers on the book, the impact of Linux, the future
for UNIX and Linux, and more.
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