[lug] Breaking braking?

Carl Wagner carl.wagner at verbalworld.com
Wed Jul 14 10:37:54 MDT 2010

Bear Giles wrote:
> On 07/14/2010 09:41 AM, Calvin Dodge wrote:
>>> If that is the case, then unless the brakes failed, I don't know how the
>>> 'cars' could cause the accidents.
>>> And why don't the people have the presence of mind to:
>>>    1) shift into nutral
>>>    2) turn the key off
>>>    3) apply the ebrake
>> It's called "panic".
>> Calvin
> As an aside, anyone who doesn't think 'panic' is an excuse has never 
> actually, you know, panicked.   A lot of geeks seem to think it's a 
> character flaw or something, not something deep that tosses you around 
> like a chew toy in my old dog's mouth.  I don't know how Calvin meant 
> his comment but I wanted this on the record.
> (I've never had a full panic, just two baby ones.  One was kayak safety 
> training where I was upside down and underwater.  Underwater doesn't 
> bother me, but being upside down for long enough that the cold water ran 
> into my nasal passages /did/.  I had no idea it would hit me so hard.)
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I am with Nate here.

Training can/should prevent most panic attacks.
Drop the renewal period on drivers licenses back down to
4 years and have them spend 15 minutes in a simulator
(while waiting for the DVM guy to process your number!!).

Have simulated blow outs, stuck accelerator, sliding on ice,
and what ever else causes people to panic thrown at them.
If everyone had to do it, I bet they could get the price down
to around $20. And after all, driving is a privilege, not a right.
I don't want to have to pay more, but I see the cost/benefit
being worth it here. And no, don't have the DMV run/manage
the simulators. Have a private company do it and just print
out a form, if you pass, to give to DMV.

Yes I have panicked before, and it happens because you are
in a unfamiliar circumstance and don't know what to do.
That is why solders go through basic training - so they
don't panic when someone start shooting at them.

The first time I was in a kayak was on the Animas river just
outside of Durango. I got upside down, tried to right it but
failed, and then did a wet-exit.
Probably not the best place to learn to kayak!

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