[lug] Borrowing hardware...

George Sexton georges at mhsoftware.com
Wed Jul 14 14:29:36 MDT 2010

If this is for a desktop, the simplest solution would be to put in a sound
card with a game port on it. I've got one you can have for free. You can
probably pick one up at used computer parts places for a few bucks.

If it's a laptop, the USB converter is probably the way to go.

George Sexton
MH Software, Inc.
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> Subject: [lug] Borrowing hardware...
> I've got some old hardware I'm contemplating what to do with and I need
> some help getting some data.
> I have a set of CH Products joysticks that I used to use on flight
> sims.
> They are a nice set but they have a problem: gameport (joystick port).
> Computers today do not have a gameport.  And laptops have never had
> them.
> So I'm left with a few options:
> Buy new.  I'm broke and unemployed.
> Buy a converter.
> http://www.usbmax.com/ijoy1_USB_to_Game_Port_Adapter_by_RockFire.cfm
> Now $20 is affordable but there are a lot of forum posts I've seen via
> Google
> that says the converter(s) are very hit and miss.  And they're a little
> hard to find, even on ebay.
> DIY conversion to USB direct
> Gut the joysticks and install a ATMegaxxx chip to run the joysticks as
> a
> USB generic joystick.  The thought of gutting the joysticks is kinda
> heart
> breaking but doable...
> DIY conversion to USB indirect
> build my own joystick to usb converter.  Totally doable.  I've got an
> Arduino just need a connector or two and I'm on the road to code.
> To make a decent decision I need to borrow a Rockfire converter.
> I need to test if my setup is compatable and get and idea of the
> proformance
> of a converter.  Maybe peak inside if the owner is cool about it.
> Mike
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