[lug] Recommendations For Older Hardware?

Carl Wagner carl.wagner at verbalworld.com
Thu Jul 15 16:16:28 MDT 2010

May I ask why?

I know they include non-free stuff,  and upstart is sort of different.
Have other distros switched to upstart?

I am installing Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on some test servers as I write this. 
The thing I like is that they just released 10.04 and it is supported
for 5 years.

I have some servers on Etch and they closed the repositories on it so
it is time to upgrade.  But Lenny has been out for about 18 months now?
And Squeeze should be out in about 6 months?   I don't really want to
use unstable.  I am sort of stuck in the middle.

When do they run out of Toy Story names? ;-)

I am really interested in your feedback as it timely for some
stuff I am about to do.



Davide Del Vento wrote:
>> I would recommend Debian, just because Ubuntu annoys me. :) But Ubuntu
>> is Debian in most ways, so ...
> I agree with your suggestion (in fact I plan to completely abandon
> Ubuntu in favor of Debian and/or Sidux sometimes in the next 12
> months).
> BUT for somebody coming from Windows, and wanting user-friendliness,
> ease of installation and use, etc Ubuntu is much better choice, IMHO.
> Bye
> Dav
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