[lug] Recommendations For Older Hardware?

Carl Wagner carl.wagner at verbalworld.com
Fri Jul 16 10:08:27 MDT 2010

Thanks Dav.

I know what you mean. At times it sort of feels more
Mac-ish, IE. "Thou Shalt do it our way".

But it can also feel very Debian-ish, depending on what
one is doing.  That makes sense as it is a derivative.

It just feels like a bad time in the Debian release cycle.


Davide Del Vento wrote:
>> May I ask why?
> The answer might be a little bit outdated, since I haven't tried the
> latest releases, but I assume not too much has changed.
> Install: Ubuntu includes non-free drivers and its installed is a
> no-brainer, whereas with Debian you usually have to ticker more during
> the install process.
> Ease of administration: ubuntu provides less choices, in that it has
> its own defaults (which you can change, but you have to dig). Debian
> has the opposite design: more choices upfront, which is great for the
> experienced user, but less so for the newbie.
> Ease of use: ubuntu spends a great part of its developers effort in
> usability, where to put button and menus, etc. In my opinion is wasted
> time (for the geek), but non-geek users seem impressed and appreciate
> those efforts.
> I guess both Debian stable and Ubuntu LTS have long term updates,
> which is absolutely great (compared, for example, to the much shorter
> Fedora support). Ubuntu has usually newer versions of the packages,
> even though with the LTS they eventually become stale anyway.
> Bottom line: even my father in law (windows user, but absolutely not
> geek)  was able to install Ubuntu and he is a very happy user of it,
> after I lended him my laptop for a week and nudged him to try Ubuntu
> on his machine. I don't think I would have succeeded if my
> recommendation was: "why don't you try Debian?" Maybe I'm wrong, I'll
> try Debian with my mother in law :-))
> I guess for an experienced user on a server, Debian should be just
> fine (but I'm more into sidux, these days, especially if the server is
> constantly updated and having new stuff is a plus - so check it out).
> HTH,
> Dav
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