[lug] Good up-to-date C++ books

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 16:53:14 MDT 2010

> What would you recommend as a good book for learning current C++?

I have (only) 3 C++ books in my library:
I'd recommend Meyers', but you should wait for suggestions from
somebody that read dozens of books on the subject.
If you are like me, you prefer to buy in a local store and not online.
I surely bought Meyers locally (I think at BordersBookstore, but not
100% sure).

> Preferably NOT Microsoft centric.   (I shouldn't have to say that on
> this list, right?)

No risk on that side if you look at my stuff.
At most you might get confused and buy a book on diapers, potty
training (*) and the likes :-)

(*) actually very successful, I strongly recommend that book if any of
you is in that phase of parenting

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