[lug] No flash on the Daily Show

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Mon Aug 16 18:24:52 MDT 2010

Michael Hirsch wrote:
>> Double check the plugin is being found.  In Firefox, type
>> "about:plugins" in the URL dialog and check what Firefox thinks you have
>> installed.  Chances are it's a path resolution issue.
> Yes, it is found.  And I've used two different packages to install it.
>   Flash plays in, say, youtube and guitartricks, so it is usually okay.

FWIW I have the same problem.  But this is Debian unstable, AMD64 (with some ugly hack to get flash 
to work at all).

It isn't flash, because the flash ads play (and other sites), it just the show videos that don't play.

There's an app for downloading youtube video to a file, maybe that can download the show and give 
you something to focus on for troubleshooting.


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