[lug] No flash on the Daily Show

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 20:01:48 MDT 2010

Another couple of ideas to look into.

> It isn't flash, because the flash ads play (and other sites), it just the show videos that don't play.
On another machine of mine, some sites work, some others don't (e.g.
Google Street View, which was working in the past). When it doesn't
work, it says that I need to update to a newer release of flash (which
in my case is correct, the version I have is 9 and the site in
question need 10 - but I didn't bother to upgrade, since I'm sticking
to what Ubuntu LTS repositories give me by default). I guess flash
code can check the version of your plugin and stop working if so they
like: have you checked the "minor" version requirement of your target

> There's an app for downloading youtube video to a file, maybe that can download the show and give
> you something to focus on for troubleshooting

Other workaround: try Google Chrome. On  the same machine where some
sites work and some others don't, everything works in Chrome. You
might or might not like Chrome (I personally have mixed feelings), but
if your purpose is to get the show seen, it should do the trick. They
have repositories for apt-get, so it integrates pretty easily into
Ubuntu. And unlike skype, it gets updates from those repositories
pretty often, so no overhead for keeping it up-to-date once you add
those repositories in whatever-the-update-manager is called under


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