[lug] Linux Troubleshooting Guide

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Mon Sep 13 20:11:46 MDT 2010

Jose Luis Salas wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Does somebody knows about a good Liunx Troubleshooting Guide
> so I can use it to be prepared for a Linux support interview?

I'll ask a broader question: does anyone know a good way to teach troubleshooting skills?  I know 
the Navy does some of that but I never went to any of those schools.

I seem to be able to troubleshoot fairly well, but that's usually due to in depth system knowledge, 
a broad background in other systems, and the ability to think logically and sequentially.  I have no 
idea how to teach any of that.

A textbook would be a good start.


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