[lug] Linux Troubleshooting Guide

Ferdinand Schmid ferdinand at schmidix.net
Mon Sep 13 22:11:08 MDT 2010

> Given that, I think that a book that goes over how the OS works in great
> detail would be great for troubleshooting. How does the kernel work? How
> does networking work? Instead of a book that listed them for you, I think it
> would be better to chart (by yourself) the paths that can lead from a
> document on a disk to patterns of ink on paper. In other words, use the
> technical books to make a list of all the information and energy paths and
> everything that could block them or open them and what the symptoms of each
> blockage would be. If possible, picture moving along those streams yourself.

The Ubuntu server book has offered me some of what you are looking for.  It
also has a troubleshooting section, which covers not only technical
approaches but also team communication issues.  The below link lets you
browse portions of the book:

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