[lug] html / flv headache

Steve A Hart shart at colorado.edu
Sat Oct 30 16:10:16 MDT 2010

I'm hoping someone out there does web design and can give me some 
guidance.  Not exactly a linux thing but I'm about to go postal on this 
and need some direction.

I'm working on a page hosted on godaddy.com and I have a handful of FLV 
video files I want to embed in the page.  I don't use dreamweaver, I 
code direct html.

Here's what I have and it works on my Linux Firefox:

<object width="520" height="292" autoplay="false" autoStart="0">
<param name="movie" value="media/FILE.flv">
<embed src="media/FILE.flv" width="520" height="292" autoplay="false" 
autoStart="0" showcontrols="1">

On Windows (firefox or IE), and I'm guessing Safari, it's a no go.

I'm guessing I have to embed the player as well but I have no clue how 
to do that.  Anyone skilled with this that can give me advice?

I'm pulling hair out at this point.



Steve Hart
Systems Administrator
Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research
University of Colorado Boulder
shart at colorado.edu

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