[lug] html / flv headache

Kenneth D Weinert kenw at quarter-flash.com
Sat Oct 30 22:08:57 MDT 2010

On 10/30/2010 04:10 PM, Steve A Hart wrote:
> I'm hoping someone out there does web design and can give me some
> guidance.  Not exactly a linux thing but I'm about to go postal on this
> and need some direction.
> I'm working on a page hosted on godaddy.com and I have a handful of FLV
> video files I want to embed in the page.  I don't use dreamweaver, I
> code direct html.
> Here's what I have and it works on my Linux Firefox:
> <object width="520" height="292" autoplay="false" autoStart="0">
> <param name="movie" value="media/FILE.flv">
> <embed src="media/FILE.flv" width="520" height="292" autoplay="false"
> autoStart="0" showcontrols="1">
> </embed>
> </object>
> On Windows (firefox or IE), and I'm guessing Safari, it's a no go.
> I'm guessing I have to embed the player as well but I have no clue how
> to do that.  Anyone skilled with this that can give me advice?

Take a look here:


It's what I used when I set up one of the sites I designed. You can take 
a look at http://charlesneilwoodworking.com and view source to see how I 
set it up. I have a couple of extras thrown in there so it may not be 
the cleanest to look at - but everything I know about embedding video 
players came from the flowplayer site.

> I'm pulling hair out at this point.
> Thanks
> Steve

Ken Weinert

Never undertake a vast project in a half vast way.

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