[lug] BeagleBoard developers?

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Thu Nov 4 09:56:47 MDT 2010

Anyone in the area (specifically Colorado Springs, but northerners too)
working on a BeagleBoard project?  I was thinking maybe it would be nice
to get together and talk about what we're doing with these things.  

I know a lot of people are using Angstrom and Ubuntu (yuck) on their
boards but I'm actually interested in people who are bringing up their
boards from scratch - cross toolchain, bootloader, kernel, rootfs, etc.
Why?  Cuz for some reason my rootfs aint booting with my kernel and I'm
runnin' out of ideas as to why.  Plus I think ubiquitous computing, not
desktops squeezed onto handhelds, is the future of our fine trade (that
oughta get a response or two...)

If you're curious, my project is BeagleBox:
Code is on SourceForge (link is on wiki page).

For you Boulder types: I got my board from SparkFun.  But hey SparkFun:
how come I got an Ax/Bx board instead of a C4?  Just curious at this

Anyway, if anyone is interested let me know.  Perhaps this might be an
offshoot of a LUG or Meetup or maybe it can spin out into its own group.
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