[lug] Announcing BLUG's first "Installfest-in-the-Cloud"

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Wed Dec 15 09:21:11 MST 2010

*BLUG Installfest-in-the-Cloud #1*

*Saturday, February 5, 10am-2pm, Aztek Networks, 2477 55th Street, Suite
202, Boulder, CO 80301*

Walk in with a laptop/netbook/tablet. Walk out with a free Linux server,
installed, running, and on the internet.

You keep hearing about Cloud Computing. Come do it, hands-on. If you've
already done it, come help.

This will *not* be a talk. Nope. This is your chance to come in and fumble
through setting up your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account and then launching
your server in a room with a whole bunch of other folks who're doing the
same thing. Wander in when you want, wander out when you're done. Or stick
around to help someone else.

TekSystems -- specifically, Patrick Homans and Clint Rubottom -- stepped up
and volunteered to get us pizza. There really is such a thing as a free

Aztek Networks is donating space. (Thanks, Daryl!) Dean Johnson, Aztek's
SysAdmin, says he'll make sure we have a big enough pipe out to the
internet. I believe him.

The "Aha!" that what we really need is an Installfest comes from Rob Nagler,
of bivio Software.

Ben Whaley, of Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook fame, jumped in
and says he'll supply the expertise.

It's so easy your mom can do it; if she wants her own free, Cloud, Linux
server, bring her along.


   - a regular Amazon account (You must have bought *something* from Amazon
   in your life, right?)
   - a box you can bring up a browser on
   - a way to run ssh on the same box

If you need help with these, too, come anyway. Surely someone will be able
to help you.

Jeffrey Haemer <jeffrey.haemer at gmail.com>
720-837-8908 [cell], http://seejeffrun.blogspot.com [blog],
http://www.youtube.com/user/goyishekop [vlog]
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