[lug] need help installing the NIST program dataplot

Paul E Condon pecondon at mesanetworks.net
Sun Dec 19 10:53:46 MST 2010

I'm running Debian Squeeze. I recently discovered the NIST e-Handbook
of Statistical Methods, and from there, the NIST software, Dataplot.


This software is absolutely ancient by Internet time standards, but
seems to be in active use within NIST. The Handbook espouses an
interesting position on the place of statistics in the scientific
world, and Dataplot is their implementation of software support for
that position. I want to install it on my computer, but I'm not really
a sys-admin person, and the install instructions given in the dataplot
link are far too terse for me. Can anyone here point me to some more
detailed instructions? Something along the lines of a step-by-step
HowTo? So far I have downloaded the tar.gz files and compiled the core
executable, dataplot, but there are also support files for a Tcl/Tz
GUI interface, man pages, etc. For these, I am thoroughly confused as
to what to do.

Looking for help.

Paul E Condon           
pecondon at mesanetworks.net

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